Fine Art Painting

For anyone who is interested in having me do an original work of art, I would be happy to work with you. You probably have questions about how this is done or what my process is. Before I talk to you about the process, I would like to know whether you have enjoyed my artwork.  

Usually, I meet you to find out some details of what you are envisioning (i.e. subject, size, and medium). For those who are not sure, we will explore ideas and size options based on your space. I will make a visit to the location or receive pictures from you with measurements of the space where the artwork is to be placed. If the pictures or images are selected, please ensure those photographs or images that you would like painted are clear, non-blurry, non-pixelated and high-resolution. What I need are large enough photographs or images that the details of a person's face and/or other features you'd like included in the piece (hands, feet, shoulders, etc.) are readily visible, and in sharp focus. If the photo or image is emailed to me, the resolution will have to be strong enough that when I print it, all details are visible and focused. Then, the subject matter (landscapes, animals or abstract) and medium (acrylic, oil or mixed) will be discussed. Finally, I perform research on the subjects, design a sketch, and show you the final for your approval. Once you have approved, I proceed with painting. I will e-mail work in progress to you periodically.

I will give you the estimated time that I think is achievable. I believe that the creative process cannot be rushed. Thank you so much for your interest in commissioning my artwork.

J&M Art Studio
Fine Art Paintings