About Melinda Lu

The artist, Melinda Lu, has taken an extraordinary path to art. At the tender age of three, she showed signs of budding artistry when she would doodle on the walls of her childhood home. Throughout her grade school years, she would participate in art contests where she would showcase her artistic talent and deeply impress people. Her formal studies took her to the Central Academy of Fine Arts in which lessons of world renowned artists fascinated her. While in college, she owned an art studio and taught students the techniques of fine art. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Art Design, she continued to develop her creative talent. She loves the art of storytelling, and for Melinda, a painting is like a story. Through her art, she narrates her own stories, expressing feelings and emotion on canvas. She is inspired by life lessons offered by the natural world. Nature lifts her spirit and stokes her creativity. Nature is everywhere in art. She strongly believes that art is freedom. Beyond academic training and artistic talent, art requires another element for which there is no substitute: experience. She has actively involved community efforts to promote awareness of the arts and participated in numerous art exhibitions to display her passion for the impermanence of life.

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